When life first crawled from the primordial oceans, sniffed the air and started working on evolving legs, our planet has been locked in an irresistible path. The human race is on an inevitable journey owards a point where science, culture, philosophy, commerce and technology advance and converge towards their ultimate purpose.

Some have wrongly misinterpreted this point of evolutionary nirvana as some kind of boring immortal technological singularity - when it is clear that the apex of human achievement has been reached with the release of UNDERBOARD BEER.

Available right now at the shop we have two limited editions created in collaboration with Leamington brew masters BeerTorrent. Head down asap to try out 'The Grey' and 'Basil Exposition' while stocks last:

The Grey // Earl Grey IPA // 3.4%
Smooth session beer with a hint of tea. Incredibly drinkable, rather moorish and as satisfying as watching Liam Neeson punch a wild wolf in the face.

Basil Exposition // Honey Basil Ale // 3.6%
Refreshing, tasty and with a very peasant zing of basil, this is just the beer for anyone who has just been thawed out from long term cryogenic storage and is waiting to get back into that crushed velvet suit.