Haikyo - The Modern Ruins of Japan

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With mazes of expressways pushing scores of traffic through action filled, neon lit cities, there is perhaps no better platform than Japan to grasp the full motion and machinery of life. But sitting silently in the shadows waits another realm. Just as intoxicating, enchanting and engaging as its counterpart albeit not as animated or ablaze with flashing lights, hundreds of abandoned abodes lay forgotten and left to decay.

Stepping away from the lights and into the shadows, photographer Shane Thoms embarks on an underground voyeuristic journey, documenting a curious collection of images that provide a rare and intimate glimpse into a secret, mysterious and sometimes bizarre world.

  • Haikyo - The Modern Ruins of Japan by Shane Thoms
  • Hardback
  • 216 pages
  • Approx dimensions 26 x 26 cm