Jeunet and Caro Collection - DVD

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This 2-disc DVD box set brings together 2 feature films and one short film from directors Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet:

Delicatessen: In a distant, apocalyptic future where grain is used as currency and meat has become a rare commodity, Dominique Pinon plays an unemployed clown who fins work as a maintenance man in a squalid apartment block situated above a butcher's shop. Having fallen in love with the owner's daughter, he soon discovers the sinister truth behind the landlord's unsavoury intentions.

The City of Lost Children: When the adopted son of a former circus strongman (Ron Perlman) is abducted from a small fishing village by mysterious forces, he enlists the help of street urchin Mietter (Judith Vittet) and together they set forth on a surreal journey that will eventually lead them into the strange world of a tormented scientist, Krank, who is intent on kidnapping children so as to steal their dreams and use them to reverse the aging process.

The Bunker of the Last Gunshots: This short film tells the futuristic tale of a group of paranoid and distraught soldiers trapped in an underground bunker, awaiting an imminent attack from their enemy. But a strange discovery sets off a series of dramatic events that can only lead to betrayal and eventually death.

  • Audio: French with English subtitles / English
  • Certificate: 15