Stallone Collection - Blu-Ray Box Set

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This blu-ray box set contains 5 Sylvester Stallone films.

Cobra: This thriller pits Lt Marion "Cobra" Cobretti, a one-man assault force whose laser-mount submachine gun and pearl-handled Colt .45 spit pure crimestopping venom, against an army of psychos bent on slashing their way to a "new order".

Assassins: Sylvester Stallone plays the best hitman around, but now he wants out. Antonio Banderas plays a killer driven to claim his profession's top spot.

Tango and Cash: Ray Tango (Stallone) and Gabe Cash (Kurt Russell) are rival LA policemen with one thing in common - each thinks he is the best. Unjustly jailed among the lowlifes they put behind bars, the two must stage a prison breakout that's a breathless rush of weapons and wisecracks - and then roar after the crimelord who set them up.

The Specialist: Sharon Stone is May Munro, who's sworn death to the mobsters who murdered her parents. Miami's playground of the rich becomes an incendiary slayground when ex-CIA explosives expert Ray Quick (Stallone) enters the scene.

Demolition Man: In 2032, an archcriminal (Wesley Snipes) awakens from a 35-year deep freeze to find a nonviolent world ready for the taking. To fight his brutal, old-time crimes, old-time cop Sgt John Spartan (Stallone) is also revived.

  • Certificate: 18
  • Format: Blu-Ray
  • Audio: English