The Future Is Feminist

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In this book, 21 women write powerfully and candidly about what it means to be a feminist today. Covering topics ranging from financial independence to resting bitch face, and from workplace harassment to online trolls, this collection will answer your questions and validate your experiences.

Poets, essayists, activists, actors, and professors explore race, class, and culture to paint an intersectional portrait of modern feminism. You'll hear from early feminist voices, seminal thinkers on gender, and contemporary advocates for women's rights. The pieces in this book are by turns refreshing, provocative, moving, and hilarious, as diverse as the women who wrote them.

These authors prove that feminism is for everyone and every day. It demands to be discussed, and it calls for many voices.

  • The Future is Feminist edited by Mallory Farrugia
  • Hardback
  • 144 pages
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